The Happiness Apothecary Company

Wellness Care Package


This care package focuses on internal and external wellbeing.  

Relax in the bath with our Frankincense and Lavender bath salts which soothes those aching muscles, eases the stresses of the day away and prepares for a good nights sleep.  An added bonus - the frankincense essential oil pampers your skin to feel rejuvenated.  

A rose and lime flower tea blend is perfect for calming, elevating mood and boosting immune system with its natural antioxidants. 

Light an aromatherapy eucalyptus candle to help improve air quality and breathing and to re-align your inner wellbeing.  Perfect if you or a loved one has a common cold. 

A Spacemask is the final piece to enjoying a peaceful and relaxing evening.  This self-heating eye mask soothes those tired eyes and the smell of jasmine transports you to the land of nod.

Chocolate - well... indulge!

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