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TO SLEEP Care Package


This SLEEP INDUCING care package is a must have to help if you have trouble falling asleep.

ZONE OUT - Let go of the day with the Affirmators! Evening Mantras affirmation card deck.  Pick a card and read out loud and repeat to harness love, positivity and mental well-being.

SLEEP BEVERAGE - Let the sweet and sleep inducing Teapigs Snooze Sleepy tea be your night cap drink.  The lavender relaxes the body and mind, and its antioxidant properties detoxifies your body while you sleep!  

RELAX - The Beeutiful Shea and Lavender body butter moisturises, relaxes tired muscles and has skin healing properties!

SOOTHE- Use a soothing self-heating eye mask for tired eyes when you are ready to close those eyes.


Affirmators! Evening Mantras card deck

Teapigs Snooze Sleepy tea (15 pack of teabags)

Beeutiful Shea and Lavender body butter (200mL)

SPACEMASKS (pack of 5)

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