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The Illustrated Self Care Bible


The Illustrated Self-Care Bible guides you through every component of an essential self-care routine, with detailed descriptions and step-by-step exercises. Learn key breathing techniques through yoga, Pilates, and more, to ensure a sense of calm and focus to combat stress and anxiety, strengthening your emotional resilience and compassion toward yourself and others for a greater sense of well-being. Discover helpful tips on better sleep and a balanced diet.

Find the physical wellness program that best suits your life and goals and learn how to make it a regular part of your routine. And finally, ensure your life balance is taken care of by maintaining your social wellness. As critical to a healthy balance as your body and mind, a focus on friendships and kindness, curiosity and creativity, will ensure that you feel supported, nurtured, and loved.

This beautiful and comprehensive guide to maintaining self-care through everyday practice will leave you feeling focused, energised, and positive-ready to face the world as your best self. 

  • Paperback


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