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NEW MUM Care Package



A collection of essentials to make a new mum feel balanced again.  

TAKE A BREAK - Rooibos crème caramel is a caffeine-free tea safe for new mums.  Jam packed with anti-oxidants and boosts iron absorption, making it a great pick me up tea.

JOURNALING - Being a new mum can be overwhelming, The Mom's One Line A Day memory book is a great tool for writing thoughts and feelings down to help deal with these emotions.  This five year memory book is also a great way of looking back at progress and treasuring memories made!

REJUVENATION - The Beeutiful frankincense body butter is a luxurious moisturiser made with natural ingredients to tone, restore and rejuvenate skin.

ADD SOME SHIMMER - The Beeutiful deliciously fruity mango lip balm moisturises while adding a subtle shimmer.

RELAX - A self-heating SPACEMASK can soothe those tired eyes and the jasmine scent can relax and allow for a much needed power nap. 



Teapigs Rooibos Crème Caramel (pack of 15 teapigs)

SPACEMASKS (pack of 5)

Beeutiful Frankincense Body Butter (200mL)

Beeutiful Mango Lip Balm (15mL)

Mom's One Line A Day five year memory book

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