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Chemotherapy/radiotherapy Recovery Care Package


A PICK-ME UP AND FEEL GOOD care package for adults going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy. 

A thoughtful gift to yourself or a dear one to alleviate the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment. 

MOISTURISE - Skin can become sore and dry therefore keep it moisturised with the Beeutiful Shea & Lavender body butter and honey lip balm.  Made with natural ingredients. 

The SILVER WINNING Baby and Toddler AWARD 2021 Honey lip balm moisturises sore lips and add a gold tint.

The shea body butter contains lavender, patchouli & ylang ylang to sooth, treat & restore the skin whilst relaxing the mind.

SOOTHE - Clinical trials have shown that ginger can reduce the feeling of nausea, and lemon can stimulate an appetite.  Therefore, treat yourself to a soothing Teapigs lemon & ginger tea. 

FOCUS - Short term memory loss (also known as 'chemobrain') can be confusing, frustrating and distressing. The SHINE BRIGHT journal can be used as a memory aide to jot notes and reminders.  Journalling can be an empowering tool to express yourself and promote emotional well-being.

SLEEP - To get a good nights sleep, burn a Beeutiful body candle and relax in the bath.  Then use the soothing and warm oil into dry and dehydrated skin.  Relax in bed with a self-heating eye SPACEMASK to relieve tired eyes and let the delicate jasmine scent send you to the land of nod. 


Shine Bright Productivity journal

SPACEMASKS (pack of 5)

Beeutiful Shea and Lavender body butter (200mL)

Beeutiful Honey lip balm (15mL tin)

Beeutiful Body Candle (75mL, approx. 8 hours burn time)

Teapigs Lemon and Ginger tea (pack of 15 teabags)


*Not a replacement for medical treatment 

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